Louis Vuitton Foundation Gets Quiet Contribution From Prodster and Maverick Silens 2 Profile

PARIS – Silence is often elicited by the sight of the Louis Vuitton Foundation building, Frank Gehry’s stunning architectural gem. Soaring skyward like the giant sails of a great ship, its 3,600 curved panels delicately balancing form and function with infinite precision, the distinctive structure inspires a quiet, cathedral-like reverence through the sheer power of its design.Inside the expansive auditorium section of Louis Vuitton Foundation, silence is not only a natural response to the room’s beauty, it is also quiet desirable – enriching the experience of hearing performances by internationally renowned artists like Yuja Wang, and Vladimir Spivakov that take place within its walls.It was with this desire for utter quietness in mind that Prodster recently installed 14 CHAUVET Professional Maverick Silens 2 Profile fixtures inside this performance space. The 560W fanless fixture operates in complete silence, making it well-suited for this intimate venue, according to Bruno Madec, Technical Director of Prodster.

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