T2 Profileā„¢

Crafted for multiple lighting applications such as theatre, television, concerts and other live events, the new ROBE lighting #T2profile quietly produces over 17,500 lumens via its 850W MSL™ source making it perfect for scenarios where noise levels are crucial and the ability to throw beautiful high-quality light over long distances is a necessity.

With CMY color control, DataSwatch™ filters containing a selection of pre-programmed colors via our renowned RCC™ (Robe Color Calibration) algorithm, and a wide-ranging 2,700K to 8,000K CCT control, all variations of color are possible.

Additionally, our super-smooth L3™ dimming system produces imperceptible fades to black, and the high CRI of 95+ assures natural rendition of all skin tones. Specifically, for television work, we have included a plus and minus green channel and the Cpulse™ flicker-free management system for all vision systems including HD and UHD cameras.

All this combined with our acclaimed four plane shuttering system, two rotating gobo wheels, an animation wheel, two rotating prisms, and changeable 1° and 5° variable frosts with full zoom range coverage, gives you total control over all your designs.

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